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September Newsletter!

Our Latest News

Attention! Save the date, as we approach our first annual Customer Appreciation on September 28th. Also be on the lookout for our new upcoming product announcement of “Apres Nail” coming soon! Lastly, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we will be hosting a month long donation. Make sure to show support for the month of October to all our fellow women.

Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Color Trend

Some top fashion designer say there is three color palettes for fall and winter 2022. The trending colors are " Royal Purple, Burning Red, and especially Jewel-tone Teal. These rich, vibrant, and bold jewel tones are sumptuous colors that add a dose of drama to any room. Lastly try adding a punch to your outfit this fall with style's that standout with the colors of the season.

National Suicide Prevention Month

In the month of September all around the world Mental Health Advocates, Survivors, and Prevention Organizations unite to promote Suicide Prevention Awareness. We can all take preventative measures to help avoid suicides. Talking with and finding help for someone that may be suicidal can be difficult. Here are some tips that may help or encourage someone.

- Be willing to listen. Allow expressions of feelings, and accept them.

- Be non-judgmental.

- Become available. Show interest and support

- Offer to pray with them

- Let them know “ You are worthy and deserving “

-Also share with them “You are Loved by many and most importantly GOD loves you.

These are all suggestions but if you or someone you know may need further help “Lifeline” is available for everyone, is free and confidential.

Lifeline Information: or Text 988

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